Curating for the Curious


Its hard to stay on top of things with the way technology has evolved ever so rapidly these last 10 years. Wikipedia and other similar online encyclopedias are there to provide the casual browser with a summarized overview on their topic of choice, but where do you turn to when you want more than a compounded view? How do you stay updated with the latest worldwide trends and events?

Enter social bookmarking and RSS feeds! These digital tools were developed to help online users discover, organize, and edit the availability of internet content to suit their information consumption needs. RSS is a great tool for content creators to adopt as it definitely boosts their chance of acquiring new readers. Feed readers also have the option to curate which content is visible to them as a stream is updated.

This post’s featured screenshot is of the RSS feed reader, The Old Reader. Its simple and easy-to-navigate layout makes browsing your favourite feeds an absolute breeze. My need for the latest and greatest typographic design updates will continue to be met thanks to this handy reader. All my most frequented blog streams are well organized and available on one platform; no more Googling for new posts!